We live and breathe passion for
interior design and decoration

Passion for furniture, interior design and decoration has always played an important role in our family. After years of decorating and consulting on interiors for rooms, apartments and houses, we decided to open a unique furniture, interior design and decoration store in Marbella, Mijas in the South of Spain so that we could better serve our clients.

interior design that makes you feel at home

Our style is best described as creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere
that makes you feel at home.

From smalle decorative items such as vases and macramé to larger pieces like sofas and beds, our design elements are unique and come from all over the world. each one adds a special touch to your living space.

we don´t just offer brand-new or custom-made items, but also pieces with a history.

they are hand-crafted by local tradesmen from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and beyond

Borders are no limit to our passion for creating unique spaces

Whether you´d like to see a selection of our unique pieces or you´re just looking for advice, our team will be happy to meet you wherever you are. If you live abroad or are planning to decorate your residence in another country, contact us. We operate internationally.

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