Furniture packages

Looking for a quick and easy way to decorate the interior of your home, without sacrificing its individuality or quality? At Mé Ka Homes we make it simple. We´ve created three different furniture packages, each one with its own unique components. Whatever your budget happens to be, there´s a furniture package that fits it.

What makes our furniture packages different?

1.  No two packages are alike! you decide what items your furniture package    
    will contain. Choose between a variety of options for your sofa, chairs, lights,
    and more. Our decoration experts can help you create a unique furniture 
    package that is perfect for your home. Consultations are free of charge.

2. If you´re located in the province of Malaga, Spain, our team will deliver your
    furniture and decorations to your property for free. They´ll even take the   
    packaging back with them! Lighting installation is also included as long as
    electricity is already installed and functioning.

    We can also take care of your full electrical installation if needed. Shipping is
    available to areas outside of Malaga province for a reasonable fee.

3. Each furniture package automatically includes the following items, though
    you can always add additional pieces:

  • 1 Dining room table (beton ciré) (200cm x 90cm)

  • 6 chairs

  • 2 lampshades 

  • 1 sofa

  • 1 coffee table (90cm x 90cm)

  • 1 side table or dresser

  • 1 rug (300cm x 200cm)

  • 2 headboards and bedframes (160cm x 200cm)

  • 4 night tables

  • 4 bedside lamps

  • decoration

For more information about the items contained in each furniture package, please get in touch. We´re happy to answer questions and help you find the perfect package for your home.

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