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Beton Ciré

The new way to create a warm home feeling with a unique modern touch


A truly unique interior and decoration store
in Mijas for your home

We know that a rug, a table, a lamp or a wall hanging that you choose to put in your home will be a part of your life every day. As a result, we select all our pieces with the utmost care - with an eye for originality and for quality. each item has to be robust and durable, yet at the same time eye-catching and beautiful.

Read only if you want the furniture and decoration of your home to be truly unique

º Our pieces are special. They come from all over the world, crafted by local artisans on several different continents.

º Our search for the perfect decorations and furniture combines our passion for interior design with our love of different cultures. Check out our hand-picked products online, or come visit our flagship store in Mijas, Marbella, Spain.

º Or better yet, have our in-house craftsmen come to you. They can create one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture made of wood or polished concrete and our team of carpenters can build the cabinets or tables exactly to measure.

º Maybe you'd like to furnish your entire home in one simple step? Explore our customizable furniture package and installation options.

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